Course curriculum

    1. The mixing bowl

    2. Preparing the straw

    3. Preparing the coffee grounds

    4. Preparing the cardboard

    5. Preparing the spawn

    1. The container for your substrate

    2. The straw mix

    3. The coffee and straw mix

    4. The cardboard experiment

    1. Waiting 4 weeks

    2. Fruiting of the mushrooms

    3. Harvest of the mushrooms

    1. Advanced Tips

    2. Going Beyond this Course

    1. Wrapping Things Up

    2. Resources

About this course

  • €39,00
  • 20 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

This course is best suited for people

  • Who doesn't want to invest a lot of money but still get results;
  • Who have grown mushrooms in a Growkit and want to learn more;
  • Who want to supplement their diet with mushrooms and harvest mushrooms more than once a month;
  • Who are interested in mushrooms and curious about how to grow them in a household environment;
  • Who is open to growing mushrooms for selling at the local farmers market;
  • Who doesn't want to search for a lot of scattered information on the internet;
  • Who is looking into a healthier food pattern and producing their own food;


And NOT well suited for people

  • Who knows for sure they want to start a business [we offer different trainings for entrepreneurs]
  • Who doesn't want to get their hands dirty;
  • Who wants immediate results;
  • Who doesn't like to experiment;
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